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    happyBeing born and raised in Minnesota, I have always loved food, especially the wrong kind of food. Now, since I have diabetes, I still love junk food; however, I have had to learn to how to take a recipe and alter it or change it into low fat recipes. Over time, I have learned to be creative with my recipes so I can eat and not feel guilty. When baking deserts, I have learned to exclude “processed sugar” and “processed white flour” and substituted it for “gluten-free flours” and “natural sweeteners” instead.

    For example, when baking cookies, I have used natural sweeteners and gluten-free flour and, to my surprise, the cookies taste the same as the regular ones that other people bake, but without all the fat and sugar. Other than that, I enjoy creating recipes too! I like to crochet, cook, bake, embroider pillowcases and go for walks. With my cooking and baking skills, I have learned to blog and share with others some of my recipe ideas so they’ll learn to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families as well.

    We all love our sweets and fattening foods, but we have to learn how to make them without all the fat and sugar to create healthier lifestyles for ourselves and our families, as well.

    Low Fat Recipes 4 Dieters

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