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    Sugar Free Lemonade

    There are many different ways to make your favorite summer drink without adding lots of sugar to it. Lemonade can be made with real lemons and a zero-calorie sweetener to it like “Truvia” that has no calories or you can use another sweetener either way. Lemonade goes back when I was a kid. I remember how my mother used to use a citrus squeezer, the kind that was used during the 1800s to early 1900s. She would use five lemons, sugar and water, then she would add ice cubes and water. When she served it, it had that sweet, refreshing taste to it. I still miss how she made it, but things have changed.

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    Today, since I have type 2 diabetes, I use the artificial kind of sweetener to sweeten my lemonade. Of course, I use real lemons to give it that real taste. Adding real lemons to your lemonade not only tastes better, but it’s better for you. Lemons not only have lots of vitamin C but they cleanse your liver from toxins that we ingest inside our bodies. On the other hand, the dried powered kind of lemonade you buy in a grocery store has artificial ingredients with lots of additives in them which is unhealthy for you.

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    Making real lemonade is more time consuming because you have to squeeze the lemons to make the juice, but it’s worth it to your children and yourself. Also, lemons are more expensive than just buying the frozen or dry kind. Also, it doesn’t have to be made from white sugar, but you can make it from different kinds of sweeteners like Splenda or Truvia. Lemonade has been around for many years and it will continue to be around for centuries to come, so why not enjoy it during the summer months when you can.


    6 medium fresh lemons, sliced in half
    1 cup of Truvia
    7 cups of water


    Slice lemons in half and squeeze with a citrus juicer, then add Truvia and water. Keep refrigerated until it’s cooled, then serve. Serves 7 people.

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